Campus News

Emergency Blue Lights: How They Can Help

There are twenty-nine emergency blue light call boxes on Saint Leo University’s campus, but how many people actually know about them or even know where they are? Despite the twenty-four-hours-a-day seven-days-a-week campus security officers who travel on foot, golf carts, and even on mountain bikes, campus safety cannot be notified about every incident, but the… Continue reading Emergency Blue Lights: How They Can Help

Campus News

Students Run to Help Make Wishes Come True

On Sunday, Oct. 11th as a conclusion of the Fall Family Festival at the University campus, Saint Leo hosted a charity event. About 50 people finished a 5K long race to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Similarly to last year’s Breast Cancer Awareness 5K walk/race, this fall, Saint Leo University hosted Walk… Continue reading Students Run to Help Make Wishes Come True


Does America Want “Deez Nuts”?

When George Washington rallied thousands of soldiers together, he dreamed of building a country of true freedom. He sought independence from Great Britain and for citizens to seek their rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But never would America’s Founding Fathers dream of their people choosing a leader solely based off of… Continue reading Does America Want “Deez Nuts”?

National News

A Change to Human Evolution

Human evolution has just gotten a lot more complicated with the discovery of a new species in South Africa, and cave divers Steven Tucker and Rick Hunter are the source. The findings that came about from their journey of cave diving has brought about the unveiling of Homo naledi. With its unusual combination of features… Continue reading A Change to Human Evolution