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Beware: Halloween Dollar Store Décor

Halloween Decor
Where are the best places to get your Halloween decorations?

Most people would think Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Party City or the over-priced Halloween stores; however, dollar stores shouldn’t be over-looked because they will save you money during this festive season.

“I like decorating my door for every holiday. Being festive puts me in a better mood. I think decorating your room for Halloween makes it like you were at your own home,” said Senior McKenzie Kaylor.

There are four dollar stores in Dade City. I went to Dollar Tree at 12504 U.S. 301 to find decorations. I bought a pumpkin fuzzy streamer, white spider webs, and a large black felt spider web for all under $5. The key is to not spend a fortune on the decorations but to evenly distribute them around the room. Some other stores offer plastic skeletons and decorative pumpkins.

The Pumpkin streamer is long and draws the eye. A suggestion is to make this a border or to stretch the streamer until it is at its full length. This streamer could border the top of a window to make the dorm room appear larger while being festive. Another suggestion is to border a door or a bulletin board. This will pull the whole room together in its Halloween spirit.

Creating a balance in your residence room when it comes to decorations is vital. The classic spider webs are perfect to fill any dead space. Popular places to put these spider web decorations are on doors. If you are a commuter and are looking to decorate your room back home, you can even decorate your ceilings. University residents are not allowed to place anything on ceilings, according to safety regulations.

“I thought it was kind of spooky and creative that freshman girls decided to put spider webs on their door to make it feel more like Halloween,” said Freshman Melanie Lawton.

At Dollar Tree, there werewas  also skull, bat, pumpkin and spider web felt cutouts. These are larger in size. Buy just a couple of these and your wardrobe or closet doors will be decked out. This is another great way to fill any gaps.

Throughout all of the Halloween fun, be sure to remember the residence hall regulations. These regulations can be found on the University’s website. You can find these residence hall regulations here. Also, keep in mind our core values. Respect the space of others and don’t decorate other people’s rooms without permission. Responsible stewardship is also important. Do not decorate your room in any way that could damage it.

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