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Class of 2018 Brings Talent to Saint Leo University


Freshman Lane James “thinks for herself.” By blogging, she hopes to raise awareness on feminism along with other subjects; she hopes for debate. Without her knowledge on the history of suffrage, her passion and inspiration to raise awareness for equality would not be such an impact to others.

James has experienced many times when fairness what not present. For example, she was raised much differently from her brother. The expectations for a girl were not raised nearly as high as she had hoped of achieving. In high school she was on the ballot to be the president of the student council, but did not receive the part since others protested that she could not fulfill the role successful since she is a girl. These few experiences have sparked her passion on feminism. James is passionate about equality and fairness. “Women can do anything men can do”, James strongly states. James posts multiple times a week to her blog. Even though the passion has been present for many years, James started her blog on Nov. 2, 2014. James encourages others to do the research before making decisions. Are others making decisions because it is popular or because they have a passion and are knowledgeable on the topic? James would like to challenge others to take a stand; to stand for equality. Do the research before making a commitment or making a decision. James’s favorite blog as of Nov. 13, 2014 is women verses women. Go check her blog out at

Amber Fink, freshmen, started her unique hobby of jewelry making about 2-3 years ago. She started off by sewing and making pillows. With the new technological age, Fink is able to bring us back to the sentimental quality of handmade art.  Her work is one of a kind and incorporates color, texture and quality materials to make her jewelry and pillows. “I wanted to expand the business so then I started jewelry making. After seeing other people’s work at craft shows, I thought it was really cool.” Says Fink. Fink also believes strongly in giving back to the community, especially to animals in need. Fink has made about 10-20 handmade pillows and donated them to the humane society. “Giving to the humane society is one of my passions since a little over a year ago, I adopted a dog from there. “ She owns an online business called Stitch Boutique where she sells her jewelry on her own website ( You can also find her work on Etsy and order from there as well ( Locally, Fink often host craft shows to showcase her work. If you are interested getting ahold of Fink or anything concerning her business you can like her Facebook page (​) or email her at

Freshman and photographer, Danielle LaDue, has created her own business! LaDue is passionate about photography because she feels that it is a great way to remember the past, the good and bad. She referred to her grandmother who had passed away. Without pictures, she would only remember her grandmother how she looked when she was sick and did not have hair on her head. But, because she has the gift of photos, she can remember when she was healthy and alive. She hopes to have photography as a side job currently and in the future. She was very successful and had many clients back in her hometown, Maryland. She hopes to become well known in the Saint Leo area allowing her business to flourish in Florida. She became a paid photographer about a year ago. LaDue enjoys taking pictures of specifically portraits and couples. LaDue charges $25 for Saint Leo University students and $35 for anyone off campus. She will spend an unlimited amount of time and pictures with each individual or group she works with. She hopes to be known at the “go-to photographer”. Check her Facebook page out at

Freshman Sierra Tibbetts, has brought her talent to campus! Tibbetts has started the Vinyl club on campus, which is a first to have a club like this at Saint Leo University.. This club gathers people of the same passion of collecting and/or listening to records. Tibbetts collects records and enjoys listening to them because of the different and more “intimate sound”. Tibbetts became interested in records when she was younger and listened to her parent’s old records. She has about 150+ records in her collection. She started collecting records two and a half years ago. She likes to collect folk music specifically. Her favorite records are First Aid Kit by Stay Gold. Her most valuable record is worth $50 and is Wings Over America by Paul McCartney.  Tibbetts is majoring in international tourism and hopes to go into concert tour management. At the beginning of her collection, two and a half years ago, Tibbetts had an interview with New Hampshire Chronicle television station to talk about her record collection. 

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