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Mud Run for Veteran Students

Mud Run

The Mud Endeavor V fundraiser took place in Brooksville on Oct. 4. People from all over the Tampa Bay area gathered to help fundraise for the Student Emergency Fund. This fund can provide up to $500 to a veteran to help further his/her education.

            The Office of Veteran Student Services on campus established the Student Emergency Fund. This program provides financial assistance to those who are veterans and have faced difficult times while serving. Veteran Student Services receives all of their funds strictly from donations and fundraisers like The Mud Endeavor V.

            The mud run is an obstacle course. The participants were able to choose which obstacles they wanted to attend. They were able to choose between slides, walls and mud pits.

“Just think of an obstacle course that soldiers would have to run in boot camp, but with water and mud,” Gunny said.

They had groups of people that relayed throughout this course.

The Mud Run was such a great idea! Gunny felt that this would be great for those, especially veterans, who have a competitive edge. This would allow people to have loads of fun, become a little competitive, and also be in a controlled environment.

This is the first time this event has been held. For many years in the past, The Office of Veteran Student Services has tried to plan for a successful Mud Run. Now, their  dedication and hard work has paid off.

People registered for $45. If they wished to donate a proceeds of their registration money, they entered the code STLEOVETS. The donated money went to the Emergency Fund. The Office of Veteran Student Services was very grateful for any participants and any donations.

“Any amount is a great success,” said Gunny.

Gunny’s goal for this event is to notify others that the University has an excellent veterans office that supports students in their education, especially financially through the Student Emergency Fund. They were humbled to have any amount of donations. According to the Veterans Military Education brochure, the University’s core values of community and responsible stewardship, “any student who receives assistance is asked, but not required, to make a donation as he or she is able to.”

Those who attended the Mud Run received a t-shirt and a medal or coin as a souvenir from the event. Participants gave to a great cause and in return were gifted with amazing memories and a small token to remember their time.

            Gunny has many plans for this year in hope of constant support from students and others in the community. They plan for more events in the future.

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