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Victor Frankenstein Review

“Victor Frankenstein” might sound like just another remake of Mary Shelly’s classic novel, but director Paul McGuigan made sure to throw in a new twist and room for a sequel. The movie shows the consequences of bringing the dead back to life. Mad scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his partner Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) want to aid humanity through with their research, but this all goes horribly wrong when they create a monster.


At the start of the movie, Victor searches for dead animal body parts at a London circus where he meets a gifted circus doctor named Igor. Igor is shunned due to his hunchback. Frankenstein gives Igor his friendship and the opportunity to work with him on groundbreaking research. Later, when Victor reaches the brink of madness, only Igor can bring him back to sanity and save him from their monstrous creation.


The background music fits well with the acting and the special effects. The music transports audiences back to the Victorian Era. The music was composed by Craig Armstrong, who studied music in London. From his studies of music and culture in London, Armstrong brought roots of the set of the film and the music together to bring Frankenstein’s story to life.


The acting was well done. James McAvory is the emotional, deranged scientist, and Daniel Redcliffe is the loyal sidekick Igor. Radcliff’s portrayal of Igor brings a delightful twist, as many  think of Igor as merely a slave to Victor. In the film, Igor was more of a companion.


The story line was very similar to the book, but Paul McGuigan resurrected “Frankenstein” and made it accessible to modern audiences by having McAvory carefully walk on the thin line of madman and a genius as Frankenstein. Frankenstein holds himself accountable to fix the damage he has done by creating a monster. Igor shows the meaning of a loyal, concerned friend, and also proves that anyone can fall in love.


The set and special effects were spectacular. This movie used amazing special effects that help audiences understand the mindset of Victor and Igor. For instance, Lorelei (Jessica Brown) suddenly she becomes critically injured. Frankenstein and Igor work together to save her life. Seeing how Victor and Igor save her life with a simple pocket watch is extraordinary.


Overall, this movie has its ups and downs, but it gets the audience to believe that nothing is impossible. It is intriguing to see the background of a mad scientist and the type person that Victor Frankenstien is. Igor’s perspective gives the audience a sense of what life truly is and what life is truly worth. I would give this movie a 3 ½ f out of 5 or its dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary tale, and for its modern day perspective of Frankenstein.

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