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The Lions’ Pride Releases New Website

New Website

The Lions’ Pride Newspaper is proud to announce the release of our new WordPress website. The new website has a cleaner and more updated look while still utilizing our University colors. This website is now open to the public, and can be accessed by using the URL
All new articles and information will be uploaded onto the new website. We are currently in the process of transferring over the archives from the previous website, which will take some time. Archives can easily be located by month and year on the right sidebar. There are also several search bars to help locate a certain author, topic, or article.
This new site allows for more customization and creativity. The WordPress website also allows multimedia, so we will have the capability to upload videos as well as slideshows. The home page includes a slideshow of all recently posted articles. Recent posts can also be easily located in the right sidebar to find the articles from latest issue. Throughout each week, there will be new articles posted. These articles will be briefly mentioned in each print issue to the right of this article; however, the full article can be viewed online before the issue is released.
The website also has social media links at the bottom of each article that offer an easier process for sharing articles on Twitter and Facebook. Each article can also be “liked” or commented on to show appreciation and/or state valuable opinions.
The information of each editor, our faculty advisor, and our lead assistant are posted under the “About” tab.

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