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Pray for the World


On Nov. 13, 2015, multiple terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France. Four different suicide bombings occurred throughout the city, and hostages were taken at gunpoint in the Bataclan Theatre.

As of Nov. 16, at least 129 people had died from in the attacks, with hundreds more injured. The extremist group ISIS has stepped forward and taken credit for the attacks. These tragedies in Paris have been called, by the “New York Times,” the deadliest act of terror in Western Europe since the Madrid train bombings of 2004.

According to Professor of History Jack McTague, these attacks signify potentially increased aggression from ISIS.

“ISIS, for the first time, is expanding their war outside the Middle East.  They are threatening to strike any country that is fighting them in Syria or Iraq.  That means that the USA, U.K. and Russia could all be targets,” said McTague.

Many are hopeful that the U.S., along with other major players in global politics, will work together to combat this increased threat.

“The initial reaction, as we have already seen, has been panic and anger.  Major countries hopefully will work together more than they have been to combat ISIS,” said McTague.

The French have been the quickest to react militarily, which is to be expected. In retaliation to these acts of terror, the French army called air strikes on the ISIS stronghold in Raqqa, Syria.

“The French will strike harder than we will, at least for now.  They cannot sit back and let this deed go unpunished. But as many commentators have noted, a military response is only part of the solution, because this is a war of ideas and the ISIS ideology appeals to many disaffected Muslims,” said McTague.

One side effect of this tragedy is that some countries are refusing, or suggesting to refuse to accept Syrian refugees out of fear of more attacks.

According to CNN, more than half of the governors in the U.S. are refusing to house Syrian refugees as of Nov. 16.

Alongside these tragic events, other catastrophes occurred around the globe. A terrifying magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Japan’s coast, and a magnitude 4.3 earthquake landed in Baja California, Mexico. A Baghdad funeral was victim of a suicide bombing, as well.

The thoughts and prayers of “The Lions’ Pride” and the University community go out to the victims of these tragedies. The world shall pray for those who lost loved ones during these events, and together we can move forward and honor their memory.

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