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Sandhill Review Preview

This year’s edition of Sandhill Review has just gone to press, and it will be published in April.

The competition to get published in this year’s edition of the Sandhill Review was fiercer than ever.

Prof. Gianna Russo, Managing Editor, said, “Out of about the 80 pieces of prose and poetry and over 60 pieces of art submitted, only 43 pieces of prose and poetry and 12 pieces of art got published.”

The work was submitted by students, faculty, and staff, along with local writers and artists.

Every year the Sandhill Review has a theme, and this year’s theme was “getting lost.” The idea came from one of Dr. Crerand’s classes of professional writing majors. It ended up being interpreted as getting lost physically, spiritually, and emotionally lost.

According to Russo, as tradition the Review will first be distributed at two “crack the spine” parties. “They’re called that because it’s the first time we open, or crack the spine, of the book.”

The first party will be on April 2 on campus, and the second will be on April 9 at a local restaurant which is still being determined. At both events people who submitted work will publicly read their pieces. Both events are free.

Afterwards, the copies of Sandhill Review can be picked up for free in the English Department, the Cannon Memorial Library, and the Saint Leo University Bookstore.

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