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In Honor of Our Faculty Writers

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Did you know that some of Saint Leo University’s faculty members publish literary works and share them with the University? Did you also know that there is a display case showcasing these shared works in the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library?

This display case, proudly labeled “Works by Faculty,” began as a project during the summer of 2015 and was completed by late fall of the same year. The case was built with the purpose of expanding the already impressive collection of faculty publications and honoring those who have had their works published.

Three key people were involved in the creation of the display case (in addition to faculty members who contributed their works): the late University Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, Sister Dorothy Neuhofer; Reference and Instructional Outreach Librarian, Carol Ann Moon; and Graduate Assistant for the University Archives and Special Collections, Kenneth Kelly. Moon and Kelly, who continued to work on the case following Sister Dorothy’s passing, were responsible for the current design of the case.

“This first display case shows some of the books we have collected of the current University Campus faculty members,” said Moon. “By putting together a display case on the second floor called ‘Faculty Works,’ the library is hoping that we will raise awareness that we collect faculty book publications.”

According to Moon, faculty members who wished to share their books with the University would typically be asked to offer two print copies: one that the University may lend, and another to keep in the library’s official Special Collections archive, a collection of books specifically published by faculty.  Although the library has been collecting publications from faculty members previously, this display case marks the first time in the history of the Daniel A. Canon Memorial Library that the books have been displayed together for the public to see. The library is excited for this opportunity to share the works of the University’s faculty members and is seeking the attention of faculty with published works.

“I invite faculty to search for their names in the Library catalog and to see if we have their books. Then, I invite them to donate two copies of their books to us, so we can fill in our gaps, if their names and publications do not pop up in the search results. This is especially an invitation to new faculty, who have just joined us. We want your book,” said Moon.

A second display case, currently in progress, will specifically focus on the published works of faculty who have taught at Saint Leo University in the past as an effort to honor their memory and highlight their research. As an example, Sister Dorothy’s published work “In the Benedictine Tradition: The Origins and Early Development of Two College Libraries,” is on display. This display case is planned to be completed by early February.

“Scholarship is all about a conversation that begins in the past, continues in the present, and lasts well into the future,” said Moon.

With the continued dedication of the library staff, Saint Leo University’s faculty will be remembered by the works that immortalized them.

“It may surprise you to find out that your faculty have their books on our Library shelves. Come over and take a look. See the evidence of the scholarship that your faculty have accomplished in their fields,” said Moon. “You will, perhaps, come to understand more about the faculty and their research interests. Perhaps, you will be inspired one day to research a topic, to write your own book, and to get your work published. It is a very rewarding experience.”

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