Campus News

They Got the Music in Them

On Wednesday, 26 August, Dr. Cynthia Selph held auditions for the Saint Leo Singers for the 2015-2016 school year. Prospective hopefuls were called to the basement of the Music Building one by one to sing a portion of a song of their choosing, sing a few basic scales, and sight read another selection.

The waiting room to audition was packed with nervous students quietly mouthing the lyrics to songs and listening intently to the tunes. A few of the students were conversing with each other to get to know one another and fight back the butterflies in their stomachs. Each person eventually descended to the basement and returned soon after with smiles or nervous laughter and the instructions to send another person down and to watch their emails for their results.

“We’re going to have a very strong group this semester,” said Dr. Selph, the Assistant Professor of Music and Music Ministry.

With the upcoming Fall into Song concert on October 20 featuring music from some well-known movie franchises, the singers would have to be strong. Some of the movie themes that might appear include Star Wars, Mission Impossible, The Hunger Games, Slumdog Millionaire, and James Bond, just to name a few.

“Movie themes are great because they can be any genre of music,” said Selph, “The Fall into Song concert will also showcase the faculty singing group, Just the Facts.”

The Saint Leo singing groups can be seen at various venues this year including their two main concerts on October 20 and December 1, as well as small performances at events like Focus the Nation and Academic Excellence Day.


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