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A Change to Success


The Learning Resource Center, commonly known as the LRC, was previously located on the second floor of the Student Activities Building (SAB), but with the construction of the new Kirk Hall, the Learning Resource Center was placed in a new home.

A great amount of the students personally prefer the old LRC location due to the fact that it was a quieter and calmer environment. The new LRC space is located in a classroom building, which makes the scene a little rowdy.

“It is sometimes hard to concentrate at the new location because of the amount of noise created in the studying space,” said Hope Swaim, a junior with a biology major.

Other students believe that the previous LRC space, even though it was harder to find, provided a pleasant homelike feeling.

On the other hand, even though the incoming freshmen class did not have the chance to experience the old LRC’s comforts, many of them frequently visit the LRC and are absolutely happy with its facilities.

“I love the environment, but it can be overwhelming sometimes,” said Cristina Sánchez, a freshman with a biology major.

Furthermore, besides the noise complaints, some students noticed the new technology space.

“I like the technology services in the new space, but the fact that there is no computer laboratory lowers the chances on getting to use a computer when needed because they are always being used, especially on finals season,” said Fabiola Sánchez, a junior with a psychology major, who is familiar with both locations.

Dr. Joanne MacEachran, the director of Academic Student Services and head of the Learning Resource Center, believes the transition of the LRC will, in fact, benefit the students.

“It was a bit quieter in terms of studying,” Dr. MacEachran said.

MacEachran stated that the previous location was indeed quieter, but students had to make a specific conscious effort to find the LRC because there were no classrooms in the building. When students did find the LRC space, they were specifically there for tutoring instead of just hanging out.

According to MacEachran, the LRC staff appreciates the amount of movement in the building. She feels like it is a bit noisier at times, particularly when classes are changing, but the fact that they are located in a classroom building is really important to them because it makes it much more easily accessible to students. In terms of space, she says that it is definitely more spacious due to the fact that it is probably twice the amount of space they had before.

One of MacEachran’s biggest concerns is the fact that some people might find it hard to concentrate because of so much movement of people. She made it clear that if the students are having a hard time with the noise problem, they should let anyone on the staff know in order to take actions in the matter.

The new LRC space has only been opened for one month and if there is anything that needs to be improved it will definitely be worked on. Personally, MacEachran prefers the new space.

“I prefer the new location due to the fact that it makes it easier for students to find us and that’s our job, to provide support for students who need help and the easier they make it for us the better,” said MacEachran.

One thing evident in the new space: its furniture. It’s a major commodity that makes the students feel comfortable. They believe that the furniture creates a calm and peaceful environment for them to get their work done.

MacEachran believes that there is too much furniture, but it may be a matter of getting used to the way the space operates. For now, they are not planning on making any changes because the area is functioning quite well. She is open to any suggestions students may have and is willing to listen in order to make the new LRC better for the Saint Leo community.

The Learning Resource Center, has been part of the Saint Leo community for over 15 years. The LRC provides free tutoring support to the students who feel the need to better their academic performance. It offers assistance with basic study skills, time management, note taking, reading efficiently, organizing materials for study, taking exams, and stress reduction. As we all know, Saint Leo University is an institution that concentrates on success in order to efficiently prepare the students for the future.

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