Beating the Valentine’s Day Blues


Being single may have its perks, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, that familiar sense of loneliness may come creeping upon you. Fear not, you have the power to make this year’s holiday amazing despite being single. Some students have found ways of beating the Valentine’s Day blues.

“Just treat it like any other day,” says Matthew Lennard, a Biomed major. “It’s only a special day if you make it special.”

Libby Panek, also a Biomed major, is currently in a happy and committed relationship, but she can still remember many of the Valentine’s Days that she spent as a single.

“Before I was in a relationship, the holiday was pretty laid back,” says Panek. “I spent every Valentine’s day surrounded by friends, family, or both.”

Rosemary Luycx, a Psychology major, suggests that all individuals looking for love just go with the flow and put themselves out there.

“But don’t push,” said Luycx. “It will come to you in time.”

Libby Panek agrees that love should come gradually and feel natural. Panek says that it should feel like a game of tennis; you can’t play that by yourself.

It may also be equally hard if you are in a long distance relationship. Don’t forget to make your loved-one feel special on this day.

  1. It may help to take advantage of delivery services offered through a myriad of online companies.
  2. You can also send him/her a care package, just to express your love.
  3. Organize a dinner or movie date via Skype.
  4. End the night talking to each other. Thoroughly communicate your thoughts and feelings, and be sure to let them know how much you love them!

Stacey Becker, author of “Knot the One” gives her advice to singles on Valentine’s Day in a recent article published by the New York Daily News. Becker says: “To all those single people wishing they could be having Valentine’s Day candlelit dinners with a significant other: embrace your independence! Take this precious time to learn about what you want for yourself, in a partner and what you can’t live without.”

If you’re still uncertain about how to spend the day, here are some tips that just may help you:

  1. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day treat. If you like chocolate, order some for yourself and have them delivered right to your door. (Who says you can’t be your own Valentine anyways?)
  2. Stay in with a few friends, and plan a girl’s night or a guy’s night. A stay at home spa night may be of great benefit to girls, while planning a games night with all your guy friends may do just the trick to remind you that you’re never alone.
  3. Find other people on campus who may be just as blue, and invite them to do something fun. This is a great way to get to know new people…
  4. Cook yourself your favorite dish and I enjoy it with your favorite music, or television show. You may want to avoid the romantic comedies. (In this instance Netflix really helps…Take advantage of it!)
  5. Dress up and go to dinner with your closest friends.
  6. Do what makes you happy: bake, read, and watch your favorite movie.
  7. Treat it like any other day! After all, love is something that you feel every day, not just one out of 365.

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