Campus News

Campus Activities: Deep Sea Fishing Trip


  1. On Feb. 13 around thirty Saint Leo students joined the campus activities trip to go deep sea fishing. The boat left from Madeira beach, where the legendary Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant is located.


  1. At the Hubbard’s marina the ship that was completely chartered by the Saint Leo campus activities board left the land towards the open sea.


  1. The John Pass Draw Bridge had to open first to let the ship leave the marina. High waves made the forty minute trip to the fishing location rough and many students got sea sick.


  1. After the boat arrived the crew took out the fishing rods and the bait. The waves got lower with the time and the sun helped to warm the students from the cold wind.


  1. With enthusiasm and motivation the students started fishing in the rough sea. Unfortunately, the luck was not with them and only a few students were able to catch a fish that was big enough to keep.

6. At the end of the trip the students got rewarded with a beautiful sunset on their way back to the harbor.

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