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Saint Leo Celebrates Love with “Leo Love Week”

Leo Love Week1

The Student Government Union (SGU) spread the love last week, Feb. 8 – 12, by hosting their annual “Leo Love Week” as a treat for the faculty and students of Saint Leo University.

Ideally placed in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, Leo Love Week was SGU’s way of sharing in this traditional celebration of love.  

According to Joseph Thompson, SGU vice president of Activities, the goal of Leo Love Week was to, “Show the students that Student Government Union really cares about them.”

The week featured a different event on each day, all of which were well-attended by both students and faculty. However, the largest turnout was for Cookies, Coffee, and Love held on Feb. 10 inside the Student Activities Building (SAB).

The least attended event was Spreading the Love on Feb. 8 where bagels and cream cheese were handed out to the student body. Despite the low attendance, students still enjoyed it.

“I liked the bagels the most because Mondays are always rough day for me and it made my day a little better,” said Rachel Cunio, who is a junior and Math major.

The other events included You Stole My Heart on Feb. 9, where students picked up decorative heart cut outs that they could give to someone who “stole their heart” and Giving out Kisses on Feb. 11, where little bags of chocolate was handed out to students. The week culminated with a T-shirt giveaway on Feb. 12, where the T-shirts, marked with the hashtag Leo Love Week 2016, were gladly accepted by passing students.

When conceptualizing this event, SGU wanted it to stand out to the student body in the face of a number of similar events being held that week. They were successful in doing so as the students seemed to enjoy the week’s proceedings.

“Yes, I would like to see it [Leo Love Week] continue,” said Marina Riad, who is a sophomore and a political science major.

On the topic of its continuity, Thompson said, “Leo Love Week will be held next year. It’s a traditional event on campus and I will change up the days just to keep it fresh so the students don’t get used to the same thing.”  

The positive reception (success) of the week’s events cements its spot on next year’s calendar, and SGU plans to make it bigger and better.

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