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Saint Leo Savannah Center receives new staff member with an Interesting background

Saint Leo Savannah Center receives new staff member with an Interesting background

Scot Hamilton is a new faculty member at Saint Leo Savannah Center with a long history of accomplishments before arriving at Saint Leo. Hamilton has worked closely with Mother Teresa, and served as the admissions director and coordinator for Mother Teresa’s Missionary of Charity Organization in Washington D.C. Hamilton has also lived and worked in Japan at the Miyazaki Educational Institute, where he was the Assistant Professor of Psychology and Comparative Culture from 2011-2013.

Prior to these achievements, Hamilton was born in Scotland, where he went to school. He left school at the age of 16 to work in the coal mines, in order to earn money. After six years of working in the coal mines, Hamilton got a late start on his education and became a non-traditional student. Despite this, he received his PHD from Georgetown University. Since then, Hamilton has taught in both the U.S. and Japan.


Now, Dr. Hamilton has starteds a new chapter at the Saint Leo Savannah Center, where he is the Assistant Professor of Psychology. Hamilton is interested in working with non-traditional students because of his background, as a non-traditional student.


“My experience at Saint Leo thus far has been a positive one,” Hamilton said. “I’m comfortable at Saint Leo. The Savannah Center is a really progressive community and the students have no problem keeping up a discussion. This is the place for me.”


Saint Leo is pleased to have Dr. Scot Hamilton as part of the Savannah Center staff.

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