Campus News

A Quilt for Kirk

A masterpiece was unveiled in Kirk Hall on Friday, Feb 26. Members of the Social Work Club collaborated with students from Dr. Veronika Ospina-Kammerer’s classes to add some flare to the common human life-cycle diagram; together the students crafted the well-known diagram into a colorful quilt.

The project was first started in 2011. Each student who participated was responsible for designing one to four squares on the quilt. Each square depicts one stage of the human life-cycle; such as childhood, adulthood and old age. Ospina-Kammerer, more commonly known to students as “Dr. VOK”, was first inspired to take on this project by an agency here in Florida who assembled quilts to honor individuals who lost their lives to AIDS. The final product was fashioned by Quilts on Plum Lane, located in Dade City.

The big event featured a performance by the Saint Leo singers, a few words from Dr. VOK herself, and an assortment of tasty refreshments. The quilt earned a special spot on the second floor of Kirk Hall where it can be seen by passing students and faculty. Dr. VOK hopes that the quilt will serve as an educational tool and continue to inspire new ways of thinking in students today just as it inspired her former pupils five years ago.

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