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International Women’s Day

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Mar. 8 commemorated International Women’s Day and the University took the opportunity to capitalize on the day. Teachers and students both took the chance to show their enthusiasm.

The event was held in the Greenfelder-Denlinger Boardrooms and ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Food and drink were provided as a variety of presentations were being held by different school organizations. There were multiple attractions going on for students who chose to go.

Marissa McLargin, Ascociate Professor of English, worked as a sort of Master of Ceremonies, hosting a poetry reading as well as a presentation of original music and famous speeches from women, such as Hilary Clinton. A variety of people participated, included faculty members and students. Notably, members of the Slam Poetry Club performed original pieces.

Megan Orendorf, administrator of events and special programs, was in charge of organizing the event. When asked about what goes into planning such an event she had this to say:

“When you have an event like this, which occurs annually, and it’s something we want to recognize and celebrate on our academic calendar, we reach out to the instructors who might be interested in participating because of their subject matter or their class. It’s really up to whatever instructors decide to take part; if it fits with their curriculum or their academic calendar.”

Faculty members were asked what they thought something like International Women’s Day meant to not only students but to society.

“International Women’s Day makes visible what has been largely an invisible problem: gross inequity in the treatment of women across most areas of many cultures. It’s important to not only me personally, or women I know, but also to boys and men who have been part of this system of bias and discrimination, whose wives, sisters, mothers, friends must be acknowledged and celebrated. International Women’s Day is one small way that we at Saint Leo can acknowledge women’s contributions and look ahead to a culture of equality and opportunity,” said Elisabeth Aiken, department chair of language studies and the arts.

“I hope they get a lot of confidence and the knowledge that they can do just about anything and that it’s a great opportunity for them to see and share these ideas,” said Dr. Lennox, the university president.

The ambient of strong student involvement gave the event an air of pride. Women of all ages, races, and backgrounds came out to show their pride and support each other, celebrating their independence and their progression.


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