Campus News

“A Day of Service in Remembrance”

Martin Luther King Jr.

On Jan. 19, in recognition of one of the country’s most influential political activists, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., various college campuses across the nation offered to their communities a day of service.  Although students attending the University were still required to attend classes, many devoted their time to assist their clubs or organizations and aid event workers in regulating activities centered for children under the age of twelve.  The activities ranged from face painting, airbrush tattoos, an inflatable playground, and several crafts.  Snacks such as kettle corn and pretzels were also provided.  In spite of a slow initial start, the festivities later proved to be a fulfilling experience for both the older and younger generations.

    In addition to the campus’s commemorative community service, Emmy-nominated cinematographer George Silano revealed a never-before-seen interview with the late Dr. King in S.C.C. Boardrooms.  According to the University’s webpage, Mr. Silano was “the only cameraman/director to have ever been invited in to the Kings’ residence.”  Similar to the community service activities proceeding it, admission to the screening was free.

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