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A Weekend of Family Fun at Saint Leo University

A Weekend of Family Fun at Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University held it’s annual Fall Family Festival on Saturday, Oct 10. Members from the surrounding communities came to join in on the fun with their friends and families.

The Fair was one of the many events that took place during the Fall Family Festival weekend. The fair commenced at 11am with breakfast being served at the cafeteria. Families from near and far came to visit and spend time together. Upon arrival they registered at the Student Activities Building, after they registered they were given goodies and tokens as a thank you from the Saint Leo Community.

Tents were put up in the Bowl and many different stations were set up. There was an assortment of rides, and different opportunities for children of all ages: from face painting, to balloon animals, to winning prizes for shooting down bottles. A slide was put up along with a swinging ride and more.

“We loved that they had something for everyone,” said one of the many families in attendance.

There were many booths put up, for Sororities, Campus Organizations and Funnel cakes. Each booth had different activities going on, members of different sororities had their booths set up to engage and interact with the families. There were booths that served refreshments to combat the humidity, and there were booths that made balloon animals for children from an assortment of sharks to giraffes. The children seemed to really enjoy the various fair activities. One little girl in particular spoke about how she enjoyed going on all the rides and getting her face painted at one of the booths. She said that she especially enjoyed the slide and winning stuffed animal prizes from one of the booths. Many people also seemed to enjoy the slide, and playing the shooting games, even if many did not win any prizes. All members of the families from various age groups seemed to have been enjoying the fair and getting to spend time together with their family on a nice fall day. The food also played a big part in the overall enjoyment of the day. People loved the various options that were provided by the cafeteria and the desserts that they had. This year’s Fall Family Fair was a total success and it succeeded in proving to be a fun filled day for all participants.

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