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Comedy Show on Campus

Comedy Show on Campus

What do you get when you cross two comedians and a group of college students? Answer: a good time. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, the comedy act of Preferred Parking with Drew Lynch, 2015 America’s Got Talent Gold Buzzer Winner and 1st Runner Up, and Samuel J. Comroe, long time comedian, performed for Saint Leo University in the SSC Boardroom.

The event attracted a crowd of about thirty to fifty people; it was not a large number of viewers, but nor is Saint Leo University a large university. The majority of the audience were Saint Leo students, but there were also a few non-students in the crowd who came because they heard that Lynch and Comroe were performing.

There was a curious excitement in the air as students waited for the show to start; it is most likely that few, if any, of the students present had seen a live performance from a TV show winner.

The show began with Lynch introducing himself and explaining that he has a stutter. Lynch is a very cheerful, charming, and entertaining comedian. Throughout his performance, he made jokes about events in his life, his impression of Saint Leo University, and comments from the audience. The crowd was very receptive and it seemed that everyone had a good time.

Following Lynch, Comroe took the stage and also sent the room into fits of laughter; Comroe even sent Lynch flying off of his seat onto the ground in hysteria. Comroe explained that he has Tourette’s syndrome. Comroe is witty, charming, and captivating; his performance was also focused on his life events and students’ comments.

Lynch and Comroe are both extraordinary comedians. Lynch has been performing for about four years, Comroe, about seven, and together, two and a half. Considering their time in the business, both are still going strong. Each of the two performers have suffered hardships and are able to overcome and laugh at their troubles; Lynch with stutters that developed after an accident and Comroe with Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s syndrome is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by physical and vocal tics. Lynch and Comroe’s act is enthralling; neither give the audience a second to be bored.

To close their act, Lynch joined Comroe, and the fantastic duo offered a Q and A session where students asked about Lynch’s time on America’s got Talent, Lynch’s accident that caused him to develop a stutter, Comroe’s career, and Comroe’s life with Tourette’s syndrome.

The show was phenomenal; both gentlemen kept their audience involved and wanting more. The comedic pair made the environment very energetic, interactive and enthralling. When asked about the show, students were more than happy to give their review.

“I really liked it,” said Diane Barnard, senior. “It was funny and informative.”

Kaitlin Michalski, senior, agreed, “I really want them to come back!”

The feeling is mutual for Lynch and Comroe. In their entertainment careers, Lynch and Comroe have seen a fair number of crowds and stated that they enjoyed Saint Leo’s.

“The crowd was small but fun,” Comroe said, “Sometimes, things don’t go so well when the crowd is small, but, tonight, the crowd was involved, and we had fun.”

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