Campus News

Easter Hoppening!

Easter egg hunts have become integral to the celebration of Easter today. In the United States, and many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. On March 24th at 6:00pm, Dining Services hosted Easter Hoppening, an annual Easter egg hunt for Saint Leo University students at the Student Community Center lakeside patio. Here, students had the opportunity to participate in this celebration of Easter, by taking pictures with the Eater Bunny, and hunting eggs. Many students were also eagerly anticipating finding the golden egg, which wins them the grand prize of a brand new flat screen television.

This year’s winner was Glen Pringle, a senior, studying Computer Science. When asked if he had ever participated in the Easter egg hunt here at Saint Leo University he said: “No, I have never participated in the Easter egg hunt, and knowing that this is my last year here at Saint Leo, it feels pretty amazing to be the grand prize winner. I only picked up about five eggs total, so I feel pretty lucky to know that the golden egg was one of those five.”

Undoubtedly, not everyone who participated felt the same way. Martina McKoy, a first year psychology major said: “I was in the cafeteria, when I saw everyone running and grabbing eggs. It was only 5:55pm, so I was confused as to why they started so early. I rushed out of the cafeteria quickly to see if I could gather any eggs, but it had made no sense. Most of them were already gone.”

“Though I did not win the grand prize, the Easter egg hunt was super fun. This was my first time doing it, and I witnessed my friend falling, and rolling down the hill. It was so funny to both of us. I also got a lot of candy, and I really love sweets, so I am happy I did it.” -said Shayna Shank Jr., a sophomore, and psychology major.

Students were seen all around with buckets and bags of brightly colored Easter eggs, full of candy. Many were also posing happily with the Easter egg bunny. Overall, this was a successful event which brought Saint Leo students together in celebration of Easter. Dining Services did an extraordinary job in planning and executing this annual Easter egg hunt event.

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