Campus News

Haunted Marmion 2015

The annual haunted house at Saint Leo University was held on Thursday Oct. 29 in the Marmion and Snyder dormitories.

Saint Leo went all out for this event from the elaborate decorations to the large amounts of candy. The students as well as the FYE Staff helped to make this event a success. The haunted house was open to the community and it was great to see the turn out. Small kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes accompanied by their parents, as well as teenagers from the local high school who came for a scare in Haunted Marmion.

Both dormitories participated in the events of the night. Snyder catered to the children and all candy needs. The students who lived on each hall sat at their doors with bags of candy as each family passed by. The walls were decorated with what could be described as children art, every Disney Princess you could imagine was  painted and pasted on the walls. Princesses from Tiana to Merida.There was an assortment of activities provided for the families to keep their children entertained. The entire lobby was filled with various stations such as face painting, pizza and snacks, party games. The children seemed to having a blast racing from station to station and showing of their costumes.

Haunted Marmion had three floors of horror, each floor had it’s own theme. The line to enter the Haunted House extended all the way outside and into the parking lot. The line moved speedily so the wait was not long. When you got to the entrance you were assigned a tour guide that would  narrate the as you walked through the Haunted Floor. All three floors were pitch black with random flashes of light. Students dressed in costumes and succeed in scary you as you walk through, from making scary noises to popping out from unexpected places. Screams could be heard from every hall as people were being frightened. The second floor’s theme was Infestation; you could see decorations and costumes of insect infestations. The first floor was the scariest with the theme of Carnival. The scene could be described as one being one from American Horror Story Freak show, from clowns carnival sound effects to carnival ticket stubs.

I would say the event overall was a success. Saint Leo catered to the Halloween needs of the community as well as their students

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