Campus News

The New Fine Arts Building Revealed

The new Fine Arts Building is does not have a fence around it, so it is easily viewed by passers

The open house for the new Fine Arts Building will take place on Thursday, Feb. 5. For the first time, Saint Leo University will have a dedicated space for visual arts. At the event, Dr. Kirk will unveil the new building, and Father Stephen will offer a blessing. As of now, the building is open to walk through.

The old plant operations building was remodelled and renovated into the fine arts building that stands today. The fine arts program is anticipated to blossom, thanks to having a space on its own. Students who are interested in this field of study will have more opportunities to gain experience and skill.

“Previously, we ran our art classes in various rooms throughout the campus. But we had never had a building dedicated to the arts like we do now. This means we will be able to expand our course offerings for students, provide them with excellent facilities, and run various arts events in the building,” said Dr. Mary Spoto, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Saint Leo University will now have an art gallery as well as a studio space for painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. A pottery class will be offered to students next year as well. Not only does this building cater towards visual arts, but it also has a workshop for theatre and humanities classes which are already being taught this semester. It also will host art shows two times a year and will also be used a few days a week by the PRODIGY Cultural Arts Program for children ages 7-9: a grant- funded, after-school program that is directed by Dr. Cindy Lee, the director of our Master’s in Social Work program.

The upcoming spring art show and competition is on April 7 from 4:00pm-5:30pm. Many art professors and students are excited about having a new building that they can finally call home. This will hopefully help boost the fine arts program here at Saint Leo University and bring in future students interested in art.

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