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Oreo Cookie Flavors, From Awful to Awesome

Oreo Cookie Flavors, From Awful to Awesome
It might not be so easy for milk to recognize its favorite cookie. The beloved Oreo has expanded into a vast line of products and flavors over the years.

Being around for a 102 years and achieving the title of number one selling cookie in all of America has given Nabisco both the clout and financial security needed to broaden its experimental horizons. Americans consume over 20.5 million Oreos in just one day, according to The History Channel website.

The Nabisco research and development team has been hard at work creating new and somewhat unconventional Oreo flavors. The flavor options have grown increasingly unique over time to satisfy curious taste buds. Nabisco has released everything from banana split to green tea ice cream flavors. This September, a new seasonal Pumpkin Spice Oreo hits shelves, according to the Huffington Post.

Nabisco has recently launched the “Wonderfilled” campaign to bring attention to their newest flavors. A catchy song was written for the commercials followed by a series of celebrity covers.

Over the course of a week, Saint Leo students were asked to participate in an Oreo cookie poll, sampling some of Nabisco’s newest “Wonderfilled” Oreo flavors. The poll included six new Oreo flavors. Students were given the opportunity to judge the Fruit Punch Oreo, the Peanut Butter Oreo, the Lemon Twist Oreo, the Cool Mint Crème Oreo and the Cookie Dough Oreo.

Reactions to the Oreo flavors ranged from the positive to the confused.

“Very weird,” said Sophomore Trail Pierce.

Over all the Oreo cookie poll was received well among the students of the university and ended with 152 students, faculty and staff who participated in the poll.

Oreo Cookie Flavors, From Awful to Awesome

Graph by Renee Goodwin.

The favorite flavor of Oreo cookie determined by the poll was the Cool Mint Crème Oreo with 33.5 percent of respondents naming it as their favorite.

“The Cool Mint Oreo had the perfect combination of chocolate and mint,” said Junior Denise Rangel.

Despite its popularity, not everyone was a fan.

“Mint tastes weird, berry tastes like DPH medicine,” said Sophomore Yashika Walker.

The second favorite was the Cookie Dough Oreo with 22 percent of respondents naming it as their favorite flavor. This flavor was released in February of 2014 and is only scheduled to be on the shelves for a few months.

“The Cookie Dough Oreo is perfect,” said Freshman Janine Pesi.

The Peanut Butter Oreo and the Berry Oreo were in the middle of popularity. The double stuffed Peanut Butter Oreo had 17 percent of voters.

“The peanut butter and mint Oreo’s were my favorite,” said Allison Dynes, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach.

The Berry Oreo had 10.5 percent. The filling of the Berry Oreo contains strawberry and raspberry filling.

Oreo Cookie Flavors, From Awful to Awesome

Graph by Renee Goodwin.

“Berry is repugnant and an insult to the cookie medium,” said Dr. Patrick Crerand, assistant professor of English.

The least favorite was found to be the Fruit Punch Oreo limited edition flavor released in February of 2014. Out of all the respondents, 34.2 percent listed this Oreo as the least pleasing.

“I prefer the light flavor of the fruit punch, the peanut butter taste was too strong and the cookie dough flavor wasn’t as sweet. I liked the mint, but the fruit punch was much more enjoyable,” said Freshman Alysa Nantarojanaporn.

The Lemon Twist Oreo was also very unpopular with 17.8 percent of respondents claiming this flavor as their least favorite. This was also a limited edition flavor re-released in 2013.

 “The fruit punch and lemon taste unnatural. Peanut butter belongs in a smoothie. Cookie Dough seemed to have hint of mocha or coffee. Mint is too crunchy, it should be crispy like thin mints,” said Freshman Michael LaCario.

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