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Sigma Tau Delta Goes to Savannah

Sigma Tau Delta Goes to Savannah

Sigma Tau Delta (STD), also known as the English Honor Society, made a trip to the annual STD conference in Savannah, GA, from Feb. 27 to March 2. Conferences offer great opportunities to network, enhance one’s skills, practice professional conversations, and explore a different city’s culture.

Conferences are meetings where people can enhance their skills and gain opportunities by meeting and learning from experts. These conferences can be about newspaper employees, novel fan clubs, band lovers, and many more. Each conference offers its own activities and sessions that give participants the chance to re-appreciate their love.

Participating in the Savannah conference has given me and my six fellow members who attended the trip a wide range of experience. Going to Savannah made me realize the importance of checklists and flexibility. Not only does one need to remember to pack the essentials (like a toothbrush and professional clothes), but it is important to plan your daily routine. For example, I woke up and started to iron my suit and blouse, but I realized I had no lint brush, so I had to resort to using tape to de-lint my suit. Creating a checklist of every item you need to complete your daily routine. Also remember to keep track of hotel confirmation, writing utensils, paper, and a folder to carry papers you obtain.

Take advantage of the conference as much as possible. When you check in, look through the entire schedule and decide what is important for you attend. Then look for opportunities to have some fun with your fellow nerds. For example, the STD members decided to take a break and attend a session that offered a night of bad poetry and t-shirt skits. The bad poetry was performed on the spot by attendees, and the skits included groups who created short plays with different t-shirt sayings such as “Sherlock is my Holmes boy” and “STD: We’re geeks, not Greeks.”

While attending the sessions, take notes and form questions to ask the presenters. You are at a conference to expand your knowledge, so take advantage of it. Also, have a resume and business card ready in case you connect with another person. You never know what business opportunities could become possible because of it. The STD chapter attended several sessions on loss of faith in the 19th century, creative non-fiction, and J. R. R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Remember to explore the culture of the city you’re visiting as well. Look beforehand at what is offered in the area and what makes that culture unique. Try to sample stores, restaurants, and history tours that can give you an appreciation for the city in sparknote form. While in Savannah, me and my group tried to go to different restaurants every day. We attended a history trolley tour and haunting tour that gave us the quick facts about Savannah’s past.

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