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University Offers “Terrorism In Israel” Session

Later this year, the Universities’ Graduate School of Criminal Justice, in association with Security Solutions International, will be offering a course called “Advanced Homeland Security – Terrorism in Israel.” The session will take place May 16-24 in Israel. Graduate students in Criminal Justice are strongly encouraged to attend; however, other majors can also greatly benefit.

Director of Adjunct Relations Robert Sullivan, who taught the course and chaperoned the trip last year, explained how Political Science majors can benefit by gaining knowledge about the political parties in Israel that closely mirror the United States’ government. Also, Religion majors would have the opportunity to visit the birthplace of monotheistic religions and Psychology majors could be exposed to a different mindset of how to obtain happiness when there’s a constant threat of destruction.

All students that wish to expand their understanding of the Holy Land and the Middle East or gain a once in a lifetime experience should consider attending. No other college or university participates in this opportunity.

The course teaches the best of what Israel has learned in dealing with the constant threat level they endure. Despite everything, Israel is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. The course teaches how this is possible with the threat of terrorist organizations and hostile countries motivated to attack.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Courtney Sullivan, a student that attended the session last year.

Courtney Sullivan explained that she learned how counter-terrorism methods are used in Israel instead of anti-terrorism concepts. Israelis use different methods to emphasize preventing terrorism instead of focusing on what to do after an attack happens. In the country, there are different procedures set up in place to keep schools safe and different ones to keep malls safe.

“Homeland Security is the study of keeping your homeland safe from terrorists. So the best place to study that is the place where people have been doing that for 5,000 years in Israel,” Robert Sullivan added. He believes the best way to learn is through experience within this controlled environment.

Special topics that will be covered are: public safety, transportation, critical infrastructure, schools and government buildings. Participants that attend this session will have the chance to hear from the Ministry of Education on what the exact policy is in Israel and discuss this with Israel policy makers. Destinations will include visiting Haifa, the Northern Border, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

Costs for this course are $2,790. Participants can pay an extra $120 for the excursion to Masada. If the student wishes for a single room, it is an additional charge of $650. The fee covers all in country transportation and tours, hotel accommodations, meals, and security costs. With all field trips hosted by the University, it is policy for students to submit a signed waiver. Prior to attending, a valid U.S. passport and international health insurance is required.

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