Campus News

Valentine’s Day Giving

On Feb. 14, fifth grade students at Jackson Elementary in Sanger, CA gathered together to do something different than a typical sugar-filled, candy-rushed day. Instead of having their own party, they made sack lunches for the needy according to Yahoo news.

The students at Jackson Elementary had nothing but smiles on their faces. The brown bag meals consist of pretzels, sandwiches, oranges, and water. The team really works together well. While making the sandwiches one side does the peanut butter and the other side does the jelly. Other students are packing up the brown bags.

The students realize that someone less fortunate is receiving this meal. The students realize that some of the recipients are hungry, homeless, or live in hotels. They are giving these people something that they receive daily with no problem. The students packed over 600 meals this year. These meals also go to families in the area, which really made the kids think more. There packing of the food is called a “Compassion Party”. The students do not only give up their time, but ,ost of the donations come from the families of the school, but this can also be a sacrifice. Many of the students receive free or reduced lunches, but the students are still able to give what they have. The students learn that it is important to be kind to everyone and everyone should have a meal on the table. This is the fourth year this fifth grade teacher has done this for Valentine’s Day. In the past four years, her students have packed over 2,000 meals for the people that need it.

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