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Voodoo Beats

Talented students are everywhere at the University. All of them have different hobbies and most love to share them with other students around the school.

Senior Ravin Forde, otherwise known as The Witch Doctor or DJ Raviesta, is one of these talented artists.

He makes his music on by using his piano keyboard to play with the different options until he makes something that he thinks sounds good. His style of music falls into the genre of electronic, which is normally music which is produced by technological equipment.

Electronic music has grown in popularity with college and high school students due to it being a very wild and digital sounding. The digital age has greatly influenced music and musicians have used some of this technological inspiration in their music.

“When I was younger my first and only instrument was the piano, which I use on Audiotool. My love for electronic music then started by just finding it one day and liking the sound and different feelings I got from listening to it.” Ravin said.

Ravin has made 10 tracks so far and has expanded his music to many parts of the school.

“My most popular tracks have got to be ‘Mystery of Life’ and ‘SO HAPPY!!!!!’ However, I had the most fun with ‘Mystery of Life,’” he said. “My music started to spread across campus when I showed a friend of mine one of my tracks. He decided to rap to it, and with that people started to take a closer look at the sounds behind the lyrics.”

“I liked his music the second I heard it. I normally listen to it now whenever I’m playing games during my free time or doing homework for a class.” said Lauren Horne, Senior.

More students, like Lauren, have started to listen to this young artist more and have started following him on Facebook and Audiotool. Some of The Witch Doctor’s tracks have been dedicated to some of his closest friends and fans of his such as: “Eriqua’s Theme (A Shocking Eko)” and “Kelvin’s Theme.”

Most of the tracks have different album artwork to go with each song. His trademark picture is a night vision picture of a squealing boar.

When asked what the boar means he said, “I picked it due to it being the most, out there, picture I could find on the internet. Like my music, I wanted a picture that was just as weird and fun.”

He also has some albums with anime/manga pictures on them. This is because he is also a fan of Japanese animated musicians like, Hatsune Miku.

“Anime can also be fun and weird and Japanese music can get pretty whacky,” he says.

Students on campus can be assured that more voodoo tracks will be made by this Witch Doctor that has picked up the musical arts. Maybe soon this college student might go to great heights in the electronic genre industry.

To hear some of the Witch Doctor’s music, click here.

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