100 Days of Happy

With the use of social media growing, it can be used for both negative and positive things. It all depends on the individual and what the social media portrays.

A recent fad that is slowly taking over social media is called 100 Happy Days. The reasoning behind this movement is that too often we, as humans, go through our day to day lives not recognizing all of the amazing things to be happy about. Due to the quickening pace of life, we have less and less time to truly appreciate the current moment. The 100 Happy Days movement believes that having the ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for happiness in any human being.

The 100 Happy Days is a challenge that encourages participants to post a picture daily using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or other social media sites. The picture is something that the individual finds in his/her day to day life that he/she is happy about.

Senior Katie Duffy is participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge. “I went on their site and was blown away by how genuine/unique the idea was,” she said.

Katie has only been participating for a little over a week, so she has not noticed a big difference in her attitude, but she is excited to see if it does make a major impact in her attitude. She also noted that some days she would forget to post something that day, so she would find herself scrambling to write something.

Katie learned of the movement from one of her best friends, and she has also noticed that because of her posts on Facebook other people are starting to participate as well.

Some of the different things people post are their favorite foods, music that makes them smile, places, people, events, and a variety of other different things. What makes this project unique is the idea that different things make different people happy.

The 100 Happy Days says that by the end of this challenge, people should come out genuinely more happy and appreciative of the little things in life. It also mentioned that 71 percent of individuals that tried completing this challenge failed due to lack of time.

If you would like more information on this challenge go to the website.

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