Are You A Liker or Sharer?

Like is now a verb thanks to Facebook and similar social media networking sites. And sharing has taken on a new meaning. Both liking and sharing are becoming more natural ways to connect with other people about common interests. Interestingly enough, many people can be dividing into likers or sharers depending upon their social media activity.

For those who are not so in-depth into the social media craze-a “like” is a one-click button that signifies approval or agreeing on behalf of the liker. The like button is very useful for otherwise there would be several millions comments under posts that give agreeing words. A liking person is someone who prefers to search for videos and posts that interest them and deserves a “like” on that social media page. The liker does not find so much enjoyment in sharing as they do liking.

The likers spend a lot of time on a few social media sites and focusing on improving the visual aspects their pages offer and the content. Thus, the sites they are on usually has the information and gossip they already enjoy available and often has no need to share, for they already have the information on their favorite social media. A liker also tends to follow the same pattern when putting their own work on their social media. They talk about themselves, their accomplishments, problems, or even little factoids about their day. i.e. “Hey Guys! Just ate a cupcake from my birthday 2 days ago, whatever!” They also give risky or broad comments or posts on other’s social media. i.e. “That video sucks! I only like the dog in the video.” They tend to focus on the small satisfactions that come with a quick like and sometimes a re-blogging on their personal page, rather they following a post or share for a period of time.

Sharers enjoy spreading news and seeing how far it goes within a span of time. Furthermore they seek feedback from likers to help them decide what they will share. The sharer spends more time sharing things other people have shared instead of liking, for they are not receiving any positive feedback from liking. And the more feedback they get from sharing something, the more likely they will share more of that type of concept or item. The sharer puts on their social media, lots of ideas from other groups and tends to be the people that will make event pages and post on their social media details from groups. i.e. “My best friend Katie and I hanging out at Clearwater beach! The sun is hot, the water cool, it is a great day to hang out with friends.” They tend to focus a lot on detail and do not want to give time to look at things that are not shared or widely accepted in their social group.

Whether you are a liker or sharer, you are a contribution to the other type and help to move social media forward and spread news faster. This article is comprised of my observations and opinion. As the world becomes more immerse in social media, it can be agree that people’s personalities can be seen creating even more groups of people they anyone ever thought of.

For more fun, try the short quiz below to see if you are a liker or sharer in the social media world, or maybe even a mixture of both?

  1. Do you tend to enjoy being on tumblr or facebook more than other social media sites?
  2. When you see a post you like, do you like it and only share it on that social media site that you are currently on?
  3. Do you have less than five or less social media sites that you visit at least once every day?
  4. Do you scroll others pages for information before looking to see who liked your posts?

If you answered yes to the majority of the above questions, then, chances are, you are a liker-type on social media.

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