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Gotye Album Review

Who says the eighties electro-pop went out of style? Gotye (pronounced go-tee-yay),the Australian born singer- which is shorter and nicer to say than his real name, Wally Debacker- has had quite a year, releasing his third studio album, MakingMirrors, last January.

With his early eighties pop- minus the saxophones and cheesy electric piano- Gotye has become a recent hit with his breakup song “Somebody That I Use to Know,” which infuses sneaky chorus hooks and a feature appearance from Kimbra on vocals. While the song mixes that eighties pop vibe, it does allow for a more modern alternative marketing in music. “Eyes Wide Open,” the second hit on the album, incorporates a dreamy alt mix of electric beats with the main bass line of the song being recorded from a fence, the Winton Music Fence, which is a large fence made out of metal stings that are stretched between posts that Gotye uses to create the unique bass line with in the song. The lyrics of the track are simply beautiful, ” Some people offered up answers / We made out like we heard / but they were only words / They didn’t add up to a change in the way we were living”. Raw and serious in tone, “Eyes Wide Open” is easily one of the best tracks on the album.

“Bronte” and “Giving Me a Chance” both sound like tracks that could easily fit into the soundtrack of any movie, much like all of the big eighties songs did for the movie of their decade. Both tracks have long lines of amazing melody that transform the song into what could easily be a pivotal scene in a movie.

Gotye’s Making Mirrors is quickly becoming an overnight success, making it a alternative pop album that should not be missed. Gotye has figured out how to reinvent and translate the eighties music sound into the modern genre of alternative without being too cliché. His powerful and expressive voice lends a great deal to the albums lyrics, making them earnest and truthful of the human consciousness. Whether he expresses shattered relationships or his own battle with depression, Gotye’s Making Mirrors expresses the true artistry of what making music is all about. While some of the songs may come off as a bit like a suburbia techno nightmare, it is Gotye’s exemplary pop sense that may be the big revelation of Making Mirrors. Yet it’s his creative restlessness within his songs that will continue to keep him relevant and interesting for years to come.

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