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CNN Cancels Piers Morgan’s Show

CNN cancels “Pier Morgan Live” show after three years of being on air. The 9:00 P.M. show, once occupied by Larry King, is coming to an end.  This is based for the fact that not so many American viewers are watching this TV show.

Nielsen ratings from two weeks ago report that the TV show “Pier Morgan Live” only had 270,000 viewers nationwide; of those, only 50,000 were in the key audience of Americans aged 25 to 54. This is different from the audiences that Megyn Kelly, Fox News reporter, and Rachel Maddow, TV host on MSNBC.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Morgan had been discussing the failure of the show with the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, and came down to the conclusion that the show should be cancelled.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” the British CNN host said to the media columnist of The New York Times David Carr.

The President and network of CNN are in talks about Mr. Morgan remaining on CNN but with a different role. Mr. Morgan has significant skills such as booking powerful people as guests for his TV show such as ex-President Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett from the Wolf of Wall Street. Plans remain to replace the current show, however.

“There are all kinds of people who can do news here. I’d like to do work interviews with big celebrities and powerful people,” Mr. Morgan said to the New York Times.

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