How To Save On a College Budget

We have all been there before. We all have been in the noodle section of Wal-Mart trying to stretch those last few dollars on as much as Ramen as possible. There is a way to combat the college budget. Here are five easy tips to make your dollar go further and to start making a better budget for just about anything and everything.

Couponing – It is quite simple to coupon. Just clip the coupons you see in your Sunday paper on items you want to purchase. It is that easy. Coupons are now available on-line, through smartphone apps and in the Sunday paper. You can also order coupon inserts from the paper online to be delivered to your door. There is no need to extreme coupon to save money like people do on the show of the same name; just coupon for the major items you need. Most stores accept coupons. Also, try to match coupons and weekly deals that each supermarket offers for the best savings.

Make a Budget – When you get your paycheck each week from your job, break it down into what you need to pay for. Be sure to cover your basic needs first before going for any luxury items. Basics include food, clothing, bills, rent (if applicable to your living situation), etc. Then you can spend a portion on entertainment. But before that, a great tip is to bank (or save) 20% of your paycheck every week into a savings account for emergencies only.

Take Advantage of Free (and Almost Free) Events – Looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Take advantage of doing free (or almost free) events. CAB always has a fun event going on around campus, including the $5.00 trips to major theme parks and sporting events. And don’t forget the free on-campus events held weekly by clubs and organizations. Most of them have free food and it is a great way to have fun and meet new people. Don’t forget the Athletic events! With your Saint Leo ID, you get in for free at all home events. Grab some friends and cheer on your Lions!

A Night At Home – Clubbing and going out can be very expensive. Why not have a night at your place and have friends over? Whenever I am free on a Saturday night, I would much rather go with some friends and play a few video games or watch a movie, make food (or even order Domino’s) and just have some fun. If you do decide to splurge, order at an inexpensive restaurant or make dinner at your place.

Seek Employment– If you are truly struggling with paying bills and/or making ends meet, looking for part-time work is always beneficial. Finding jobs on-campus and off-campus have never been easier. Check out the employment page at Saint Leo University’s website for more details. Most jobs do hire non-work study students but spots fill up quickly in some areas, so act fast and good luck on the hunt!

With these five tips, your budget should start to take shape and money problems should become a thing of the past. There is no problem is splurging once in a while, but saving money and making smart money decisions will help in your money problems way beyond your college years.

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