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Saint Leo’s Spring Sing is One for the Decades

Spring Sing Pic - Online

The sounds of 1930’s swing music and jazz filled the Greenfelder-Denlinger Boardrooms with a sense of energy and good vibes, and everybody was anxiously waiting for the Chamber Singers to kick off the night.

Saint Leo University’s Spring Sing concert was an hour long, entertainment-filled show with twists on classics, such as “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” “Lean on Me,” and even a sighting of some Star Wars light sabers.

As the third piece was getting ready to go, a sweet harmony of violins and cellos chimed in for the string ensemble of an Elvis Presley famous song that nearly all of the attendees have heard in many different variations, “Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love.” Looking around the room, one could see that many of those in attendance were singing along with the ensemble, adding to the fact of how much everybody, Tuesday night, were enjoying themselves with Saint Leo’s music department.

Eddie Gemma, a member of the Chamber Singers and sophomore, spoke about how the night went and his feelings towards the performances of his fellow singers.

“Tonight was very comfortable and everybody up on stage were enjoying themselves. The room was alive, full, and a lot of fun. Some of the guys and gals were nervous being in front of this many people, but the ensembles really helped out with relaxing us. They did a fantastic job,” said Gemma.

He also stated that the song “Eleanor Rigby” was his, and many of the fellow men singers’, favorite performance of the night because it challenged them and had a good message behind it.

Cynthia Selph, the director of the Saint Leo Singers, also had a very positive message for everyone in attendance. She was over joyed to announce that the group was going to be on a music tour of Italy in 2017. A goal that everyone was working hard towards, but needed help. Donation boxes were setup at the door to help fund this once in a lifetime trip to Italy. If anyone would like to help make this trip happen, please contact Selph ( for ways to contribute.

The Spring Sing was a success for everyone. It was a great way to come back from Easter, and it kept the night fun, upbeat, and full of good music.

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