To Endings and New Beginnings: Excitement For the New Dorms

As the semester is wrapping up the biggest buzz on campus is still about all the construction. However, not everything about the construction is a complaint or concern.

There are many students expressing the excitement as the new dorms will be opening soon.  Many of the incoming freshman will not being seeing these for the first time until the campus tours over the summer and quite possibly not until they have moved in campus the beginning of next semester. While many of the students are still expressing their concerns of the campus construction affecting parking, the noise disturbances others still like forward to the completion as it draws closer. “I cannot wait to walk through the halls and see this new building, and finally see the end product”, says Nick Davis, sophomore. Many of the students who have just gotten their room assignments in the new dorms are already excited to be experiencing the newest rooms and furniture on campus. Many of the students are already planning on their new dorm room being the hang out spot, while others are planning the posters and decorations that will adorn their new home next semester.I believe the students will be so happy to finally see the end product of all this construction on our beautiful campus. It has definitely been a problem noise wise and with the parking issues. Although there is still going to construction over the summer and even next semester; it is nice to still see something come out of all this a little sooner. I’m personally excited to come back on campus and walk through the halls of the new dorms and see how clean and sleek they look.

As I’m sure some students could agree, the new dorms opens up all new opportunities. Having the convenience of being closer to classes, the cafeteria, and the Student Activities Building is definitely a perk for those that like their sleep. For the students that are not used to purchasing their own televisions for their dorm now have one less expense as well. Although I’m sure some might still buy a smaller television for their personal room to still have their privacy and not worry about remote hogging.

For those graduating may not see the completion of the new dorms before they leave, it is something that they can look forward to seeing when they visit Saint Leo University again. Here is to the close end of another semester, and the beginning of new advances for Saint Leo University.

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