Core Values for Life

As the beginning of the school year starts to progress, there will be many things that students will be familiar with at Saint Leo such as course syllabi and textbooks but six things that new students might not be familiar with are Saint Leo’s core values which are comprised of excellence, respect, community, responsible stewardship, integrity and personal development.

These six core values of Saint Leo can be seen across campus with it being predominantly featured in Saint Leo’s Donald R. Tapia School of Business building in the main entrance. The six values are in silver lettering around the ceiling of the inside of the building and highlight the true vision that Saint Leo has for itself. These core values are not only words but they are encouraged to be a way of life for all who have received the privilege of being on the campus of Saint Leo.

The meaning of Saint Leo’s core values are not just mere definitions but also can be a way to live a meaningful life in all areas such as school, work, family, friends, etc. The core values allow students to personally grow and this increases each year that they are here at Saint Leo. Saint Leo’s motto is “You’ll love the person you become here” and this is definitely a true statement in regards to the core values. The core values allow people to mature and strive for something that is greater and for the better. The qualities that are exhibited in the core values are qualities that anyone would love to have as a part of their daily life. If the students and the staff of Saint Leo apply these six core values to their life, then the world can see a dramatic change in their lives (for people who have known them) and also a difference among people who do not exhibit these core values in their lives. When the people of Saint Leo really embrace the six core values that make up Saint Leo then Saint Leo can really be a greater force for good.

Application of the core values is something that comes with time but it is also very easy to ease into one’s life. Gina Picciano, a senior, has incorporated the core values by “applying them to the decisions that she makes in her daily life” and she’s found that she has a “more positive and meaningful life” when she applies the values to her life. The core values are meant to be applied to the lives of student and faculty at Saint Leo and when they are then these lives are immediately set apart from the rest of the world who do not exhibit such qualities.

Excellence, respect, community, responsible stewardship, integrity and personal development are the six core values of Saint Leo and they not only represent Saint Leo’s vision for itself but also can give people who apply them a more meaningful life and a life where the opportunities are endless.

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