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Fall Fashion Trends: Florida Edition

Leopard Boots are trending because they are absolutely cute.
Leopard Boots are trending because they are absolutely cute. Photo courtesy of Rikki Hussey

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean that you have to limit your fall fashion wardrobe. Even though we are in sunny Florida, we can still rock all the latest trendy looks with ease. Temperatures may limit the extent to which we are able to wear jackets and coats, but we can substitute these pieces with lighter pieces such as blazers and sweaters.

Fall fashion, with its piled-on look of various layers and sun-absorbing darker hues, just won’t work for us; it’s just way too hot. Staying fashionable and in fall style can be difficult with temperatures as high as 89 degrees, but finding substitutes to accommodate your ideal look is the key to pulling off your customized fall look.

I would like to share some tips on how ladies in Florida can embrace fall even though it is still hot. First, being that the temperature is warmer, we should embrace wearing pieces that ladies in the north cannot wear. Most northern ladies don’t have this privilege of wearing just a blazer or even a cardigan because of the colder weather they face.

Sweaters, Blazers, Boots, and Tights are some of the fall pieces that are trending this season. They can be worn separately or as a combination to create a very sophisticated yet effortless fall look.

Sweaters are the go-to fall look this season. In order to get the full benefit of wearing a sweater in the fall, pay close attention to wearing sweaters that are made of cotton and lighter fabrics. Colors such as light pinks and blues, white, grey, beige, and yellow are the top choices.Long sleeve sweaters create a cute and classy look no matter how you wear them. Try pairing this look with black pant and boots. Another fabulous way to wear this look is with a denim vest over it, which will give you some extra coverage and style.

When it comes to outer wear, a good blazer can change your life. Designer J. Crew created a blazer-cardigan which is to die for.

“After sifting through a ton of blazers, cardigans, bombers, moto jackets and everything in between, I think I’ve finally found the answer,” said Madeline Alford, the Digital Editorial Assistant of “Lucky Magazine.” “What I—and you—need this autumn is a blazer-cardigan hybrid (blazigan), something structured but comfortable.”

This new fashion trend is taking is a product of mixing a blazer and cardigan together.

Boots are the true sign that it is fall. The major boot trend right now seems to be the semi-high combat boots. There are several colors to choose from, but the most popular colors are black and brown.

Tights are the in-look right now, because they can be worn in so many different ways. They can be worn with a pencil skirt, dress, or with shorts, which depends on your comfort level. There are so many different types of tights available to you. They range from printed, colored and sheer, to floral, ripped and plain. No matter the occasion there is without a doubt a pair of tights to go with your outfit.

Another look that is very big this fall season is wearing various animal prints and patterns. They give your outfit a zestier look. Leopard, zebra prints and polka dots are some of the most popular looks right now. They add an extra touch to anything you could possibly wear.

Regardless of the higher fall temperatures that we face in Florida, your wardrobe should never be limited. You can wear these fall pieces in your own way to create your own personalized fall look.

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