How Do You Bring Home With You?

This is the first time you are out on your own and it may be just a little bit scary knowing that no one familiar is around. Leaving all your friends and family can be a tough transition into college life, and yet we all have to find a way to face it. Here are just a few tips, based off some of the five senses, on how to make your dorm room feel more like home and help you adjust to college life.

Sight is a key component of the five senses. So make your room bright; this will help liven it up and make such a small space feel a thousand times bigger. A bright bed set and pillows can make your room feel much homier than it would if you decided on a black or grey theme. Arrange your room in a way that is appealing to the eye. The desk, bed, and dresser can all be moved in a way that will give you more space and make you feel like you have a more comfortable environment to live in for the year.  Buy picture frames or make a wall collage of all your family and friends. This will not only be an eye catcher as soon as you walk in the room but it will also help you to feel closer to the people that you left back in your hometown. One of the best advices that should be given is to install Skype on your laptop or iPad, and make your friends and family do the same. This will give you a sense of security in a new environment. You’ll feel more at home, or at least closer to your loved ones, if you get to see their faces on occasion, even if it’s just on the computer screen.

Taste and smell are probably some people’s favorite senses. So stock your fridge with food and drink that you are accustomed to having at your house. As odd as it may sound, a familiar smell can go a long way. Use the same laundry detergent or shampoos and body sprays; this will help you to relax and feel more comfortable in a new place. Also, you could buy candles and remove the wick. This will not only add to the décor, but if it has the same smell as your home then that’s just one more thing to remind you of the people you love.

Most importantly, make friends with your roommate. This is a big deal when it comes to adjusting to college life and making your dorm homier. Your roommate will never take the place of your friends and family back home but this will help your room atmosphere to be more livable and if you have someone to talk to or vent about your day to, this will help you feel like you’re at home talking to one of your closest friends.

Think of this as the start of something great. You couldn’t live in the comfort of your home forever, and college gave you a way to get out there and meet new people. Make your room homey, and continue to do this throughout your college career. Sooner than you know it you’ll be thinking of a decorating scheme for next year’s dorm, and eventually your own home.

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