It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

There is nothing comparable to the pain of losing a loved one, especially when you know it was just the start of their life. The community of Saint Leo University doesn’t want to share in the tragedy that struck two Bradenton families last Christmas.

Last Christmas two teenagers were killed as a car stopped at a stop sign decided to pull out even though he saw a truck coming, risking his life. Instead of his life being taken, the lives of two teenagers were taken. Their truck got hit on the passenger side behind the front tire; this impact caused the truck to roll many times. Two of the three passengers were ejected from the vehicle. The lives of 18 year olds Josh Rogers and Brett Wagner were claimed in that tragic accident.

Unfortunately, neither Rogers nor Wagner were wearing their seatbelt the night of the accident. The never ending question is; if both boys had been wearing their seatbelts, would they have survived that crash? Rogers’ mother believes that they would have due to the fact that the third passenger whom was wearing his seatbelt survived with minor bumps and scratches. It is said that it was the impact of being ejected that claimed the lives of these two precious teens.

Nine months have gone by since this accident took place, and friends and family still mourn the lives of two boys that should still be with us today. The whole community reached out to the friends and family and still continues to do so. The loss of these two lives affected thousands, making a profound impact. This goes to prove how special these boys were to everyone who made contact with them.

In light of this event, an organization formed. B.U.B.B.A. This stands for Buckle Up for Bubba and B-Swag Association. Bubba is Rogers’ nickname and B-Swag is Wagner’s. This association is dedicated to remembering the lives of these two boys and showing teens and adults the importance of seatbelt safety.

The organization hosts events in Bradenton, such as the Bubba Birthday Bash. This was a benefit concert held in honor of Rogers and Wagner’s birthdays this year. B.U.B.B.A has 3,264 thousand followers at the moment and it continues to grow every day. Maybe the more people who view this site, www.bubbasaveslives.org, will become inspired by these two boys and start wearing their seatbelts.

Many other organizations promote for the B.U.B.B.A association, such as McDonalds on State Road 64 in Bradenton. This McDonalds has a sticker that promotes the association in their drive thru window. The losses of these two boys have affected thousands. Though it is a tragedy, they helped other teens and adults remember the importance of life and the importance of wearing their seatbelts. Those interested can go on the B.U.B.B.A website and read articles about other accidents and how the people involved thanked Rogers and Wagner for keeping them safe and always reminding them to buckle up. This was their purpose: to save lives.

People may think that wearing a seatbelt is dumb, or aggravating, or they may think that there is no possible way they will ever get in an accident. Rogers’ mother said it when in a video on the B.U.B.B.A Organization website. She stated that you may be able to control how you drive, but you cannot control how other people drive. Unfortunately, Rogers and Wagner had no idea they were going to get in an accident that night, if they had known there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they would have worn their seatbelts and still been with us today.

According to Saint Leo’s Campus Safety, there are no rules on campus regarding wearing your seatbelts. If they see someone not wearing theirs, they are not entitled to pull them over because they are not police officers. So it’s up to you the individual Saint Leo student. Think of the impact Saint Leo students could have on the lives of so many others. If everyone on campus pledges to buckle up every time they get in a car, and then ask their family to do the same, that is thousands of lives saved from possible car accidents.

Fate will take its own path, but each student can control their own personal safety. The more people who learn to buckle up every single time they get in a car, will help fewer people to lose loved ones in tragic car accidents. So check out the website and be inspired. And always buckle up for Bubba and B-Swag.

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