Laundry Room Issues at Saint Leo

Several students are complaining about the laundry rooms in the residence halls at Saint Leo University. Both male and female students are encountering the same problems.

Since there are not enough washers and dryers, the laundry process becomes slower and harder. Besides this, certain students leave their belongings in the laundry room for hours; thus, they cause other students to wait for them.

“The laundry process is slow sometimes. There are not enough washers and dryers, and students do their laundry at the same time: Saturday night and Sunday night,” freshman Dylan Savarimuthu said.

Since students are free on weekends, they all tend to get their laundry done at the same time, which causes the issues. In addition, it seems that certain students are not responsible enough. They do not consider other people and leave their clothes in the machines, which forces other students to wait for them.

“When I’m doing my laundry, it takes me five to six hours. I’m not even exaggerating. That’s ridiculous!” freshman Kayla Lee remarked.

Waiting so long is obviously illogical. Students need to be more responsible and think about others. Respect is a core value, and acting in such a way as this is the total opposite of that.“The kids just leave their clothes in the laundry room and come back after two to three hours. This does not make any sense,” freshman Gaelle Batroni said.

On the other hand, some students are responsible and logical enough to know that many other students also need the laundry room.

“Usually, I put a timer on my phone, so I don’t make people wait for their own clothes,” said freshman Tifany Fetting who resides in Snyder Hall.

Students have suggested that the administration should buy more equipment for the laundry room. Even though it makes sense, due to the recession of the economy, it is not possible at this time.

“My suggestion to improve the service in the laundry room is to buy more machines, but I don’t even know where they would put them since there’s not enough space,” freshman Andrew Palmer, who lives in Benoit Hall, commented.

Meanwhile, the first thing than can improve campus laundry service is to be responsible. Students should either put a timer on their phone or wait in the laundry room until their laundry is done. Some students have even been seen waiting (anywhere from 45 minutes or more) in the laundry room for their clothes, occupying their time by sharing how they spent their weeks or by listening to music.

A second suggestion is to do laundry on an alternating schedule. Since most students do their laundry during the weekend, it tends to make the rooms crowded. But if some students start doing their laundry during the week days to lessen this problem, then it would show not only respect but also stewardship in the Saint Leo community.

“The most logical thing is to have people do their laundry during the week days. This way it will be easier for all of us,” freshman Dwayne Harris said.

Getting more equipment for the laundry rooms will not be in the budget for this year nor the next year. Responsibility is the only thing that can save time and prevent conflict among the student community. The core values should not only exist in the classroom, but they should be a part of the entire community, including the laundry room.

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