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Men Fall Fashion 2014

Dressing right can be difficult, especially when summer turns to fall. It’s too warm for coats, but wearing shorts just doesn’t feel right anymore. Fortunately, there are pieces that can help you to transition in a comfortable yet very cool way.

The right pieces can turn your fall look into a fashion statement. Some of the essential fall items that you will need to have in your closet include: a denim shirt or jacket, blazer, button-down oxford, plaid shirt, khaki pants and boat shoes.

Wearing a denim shirt is an easy way to transition from summer to fall because we are in sunny-Florida and the weather hasn’t drastically dropped yet. There is no reason for a coat at this time, but the right denim jacket acts as a great substitute. Denim shirts or jackets are perfect for layering over a cotton t-shirt because they aren’t too heavy. They also go well with denim jeans. Gap and Levi are two of the most popular stores to find the perfect denim shirt or jacket.

Blazers are the way to go this fall. They are both cool and sophisticated. Navy and light blue are two of the most popular colors for this fall. Adding details such as buttons, patterns or zippers to your blazer creates an urbane put-together look. Blazers are the perfect outer-wear because they give just enough warmth in the fall.

Button-down oxford shirts are a great investment. This shirt is for all seasons, which makes it perfect for the summer to fall transition. You can pair your button-down shirt with jeans, dress pants or even khaki pants. Having this piece will play in your favor because it can be worn in various settings including school, dinner or even a job interview (business casual). Button-down shirts look exceptionally great when layered under a blazer.

An easy way to integrate warmth to your outfit is by adding a plaid shirt to your apparel. This piece can be dressed down or up, depending on how you wear it. For a more professional look, it’s best to button the shirt all the way up. For a more casual feel, leaving the buttons unbuttoned while pairing them with a cotton t-shirt will give it a playful look. Red, blue and green plaid shirts are the most sought after looks this fall. American Eagle, Hollister and Nordstrom are a few of the places that provide the best quality plaid shirts.

Khaki pants are a very essential piece to have; they can create either a dressy or casual look. They look great in the fall with earth tones, such as wine or olive green. Pairing these pants with suede shoes is a great way to complete your outfit because they add class and sophistication.

The transition from summer to fall makes boat shoes an essential. Boat shoes are perfect for fall, especially when paired with a chunky sock. These shoes are in demand this fall. Sperry is known for their boat shoes, which they carry in many colors, like black, brown and grey.

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