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Mother Courage Cast List

Cast List
Matt Beil – Eilif Ensign
Heather Galvin – Recruiter (1)/Armourer(3)/Older Soldier(4)/Soldier(8;11)
Shawne Arnett – Mother Courage

Julianne Ackerman – Kattrin
Kevin Schuster – Swiss (1 – 3)/ Manservant(8)/Singer(10)/Peasant(5;11;12)
Justin Paulaukis – Clerk(4;6)/Cook(2; 3; 8; 9)
Kelsii Atkinson – Soldier (8; 11)
Ravin Forde- Chaplin (2; 3; 5; 6; 7; 8) Soldier (11)
Tiffany O’Brien – Yvette Pottier
Wendy Legorete – Soldier (4; 5)/ Singer
Ryan Murphy – Colonel
Carrie Voor – Singer
Mike Gincel – General (2)/ Voice (8; 9)
Craig Graves – Soldier (6)
Katie DeMeritte – Soldier (3; 4; 5)
Danielle Adams – Soldiers (3; 4; 5; 6; 8)
Ali Lavalle – Woman (5)/ Old Woman (8)/ Soldiers (3)/ Peasant’s wife(11; 12)
Jimmy Simeon – ViolinistMother Courage and Her children will be performing October 24th – 27th.

Originality written by Bertolt Brecht the play is one of the most powerful anti-war dramas in history. Bertolt Brecht wrote Mother Courage and Her Children in the late 1930’s with fascism on the rise in Germany and Hitler in power. When the Second World War was looming Bertolt found himself living in Denmark, where the first drafts of Mother Courage and Her Children were written.  The play takes place during the Thirty Year War, Mother Courage is a struggling lower class woman that profits from the war by selling miscellaneous items out of her canteen. The Conflict arises when Mother Courage’s three children; Kattrin, Eilif and Swiss cheese are persuaded to join the army by a recruiter. Mother Courage has conflicting roles with being a mother and a canteen woman; struggling to make money she seems to be always be distracted by business affairs when needed the most by her children. The Play does a great job at presenting war as capitalism, showing the root of war is financial gain. The saying, the root of all evil is money is a theme in Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children. From the canteen woman to the general everyone is fed the war to make a profit.  At the end of the day only those at the top of the system have a chance to make any real profit from the war while the others are destined to lose.
“When People think of the play, they think it is about the evils of war, when it’s actually about the evils in humanity that make war possible.”Director David McGinnis says.
”Mother courage and Her children is a great anti-war drama, that will have the audience at the edge of theirs seats. “

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