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Movie Review: Hunger Games

Imagine waking up in a world far in the future, where the main fear once a year is dying at the hands of other kids your age and younger.

What if you had to worry that your much younger sister will soon have to enter her name in this great gamble of life and death?The Hunger Games, the penance that the 12 districts of Panem must pay for their rebellion against the Capitol. Every year one male and one female is picked from each district and sent into a semi-gladiatorial completion that is televised. The people of each district are left on their own, abandoned in the wilderness to survive. After all is said and done, 24 people go in, but only one will come out alive. In The Hunger Games we meet a young woman, Katniss “Kat” Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) whose main purpose in life is to make sure that her small family doesn’t starve to death and hoping that she will not be the female tribute chosen to represent her district in the games.

Katniss’s younger sister, Primrose, has entered her name for the first time, now that she is of age and has had non-stop nightmares of being chosen. As luck would have it, Primrose is chosen, but before she makes it to the stage, Katniss comes forward and volunteers herself in order to save her sister. We follow Kat and her fellow team mate, Peeta Mallark (Josh Hutcherson), through the preparations of entering the arena and accepting that they most likely will not make it out alive. Some see this as a sign of bravery and others see it as the true tragedy that it has always been.

Many fans of the book series said they enjoyed the action and the fact that the film stuck so close to the book. Of course, the fans of the series will always tell you that the novel Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is always better. Many fans did not fail to state that there were pieces of the book that were left out, but the added scenes not from the book found a way to fill in the gaps. The action scenes during the games were amazing, as they kept you on the edge of your seat wondering what new destructive device will pop-up. However, it is not suggested that younger kids see this film due to some of the graphic depictions of death.

The all star cast included Lenny Kravitz as the only inner city dweller that Kat may be able to trust, Woody Harrelson as the alcoholic former champion of District 4, who coaches Kat and Peeta, Stanley Tucci, who plays the broadcasting host, and Donald Sutherland as President Snow. The movie leaves you wondering what will happen after this year’s Hunger Games champion returns home. Overall, the film did great according to both critics and fans. The film also did great in the box office, with an opening weekend that had some individuals returning for second and third viewings.

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