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Talented Minds

The lobby of St. Edwards Hall was packed on Nov. 8 with students, teachers, and guests excited to finally be able to peruse the artwork done by students.

The event had several entertaining features. The main attraction was a gallery that showcased drawings, photographs, sculptures, and paintings straight from the University’s creative minds. In the middle of everything, a long table was stretched with snacks for everyone to enjoy: vegetables, cheese cubes, and decorated cakes. Music and performances were provided by S.A.S.S and string groups.There were so many people at the event that it was sometimes difficult to hear over the chatting and the laughing. Students and staff claimed it was a successful night.

“It seemed that everyone there liked the artwork and performances,” said Freshman Marie Ryan.

“I love seeing what the art and photo students have been creating, to visit with art teacher Trisha Toms and hear the singers,” said Lynn Altman, a staff member.

Some of the most interesting pieces included a crafted portal gun, a sculpted turtle, and a colorful painting of koi fish. There were also various photographs hung around the walls which showcased themes such as nature. Pieces varied from colorful arrays, to monochromatic canvases, and to black and white subjects. In spite of the small space, there were lots of works to gaze upon and enjoy.

“The Mona Lisa, the violin, and the turtle were all outstanding, as were many other pieces,” said Altman. “I would have to say the aforementioned really peaked my curiosity and imagination. I also enjoy seeing all of the photographs.”

A good portion of students suggested that anyone who had not attended an art gallery on campus should take advantage of the next opportunity.

“The department at Saint Leo is very talented and I think that people should go to experience it,” said Ryan.

“It’s good to put yourself in an environment that will open that other side of your brain, the creative side,” said Altman. “I try to attend every time.”

The University tries to show the community what the student body is capable of in regards to ingenuity, style, and artistic flare. This event was only one of many opportunities for students to display their abilities and to be amazed by other individual’s talents.

Altman best summed up the art show with a single question: “How do these people come up with these things!?”

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