Too Many Lions

Over the past few months many changes have been made to the structure of Saint Leo University.

There are new staff members, new buildings, and of course more projects underway that will, surely add to an already enjoyable campus experience.  In addition to the many positive changes taking place on campus there has been a significant increase in the number of incoming students, which is expected to increase in the future. With over 650 new students on campus the only answer to the situations seems to be expansion. But the newest concern to its inhabitants is whether or not they can find a seat for a mid-day lunch.11:30am to 12:30pm is usually the time when classes are out and Saint Leo’s workers are on break; naturally, this time period is when the cafeteria’s workers experience the largest influx of people each weekday. To accommodate the growing population on campus Saint Leo revamped the outdoor dining area. A fence has been installed to separate the outside dining hall from the pathway to the library and apartments, and a tent had been put up for shade. Faculty now encourages students to dine outside during this time period because of the lack of capacity of the dining hall. However this solution doesn’t seem to be enough.

There are days when students and faculty members are unable to find comfortable seating in the cafeteria. It’s a challenge to be able to find seating for groups of four or even convenient seating for two or three people. An even more common issue is that some students are unable to make it to the cafeteria in the evenings due to classes, meetings, sports practice, etc.

“I think, because of the limited timing for lunch and the limited seating, it makes it difficult for students to have a hot lunch or even dinner. I think often times students aren’t able to get something to eat quickly because the lines are longer and there isn’t enough time in their schedule. I believe we should have more seating or even more hours in the cafeteria for people, like myself, who finish class at 8:20pm.”, said Amanda Arce, President of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

“It is overpopulated,” said Kimberly Hay, server for the international station of the dining services, when asked the source of the problem..

“It is overpopulated and an expansion to the cafeteria is needed,” says Michelle O’ of international station of dining services, in agreement with Hay’s comment.

For students and faculty to be able to enjoy a quick break whilst indulging in the treats of their choice without interfering with their schedules the only logical solution would be an expansion to the cafeteria.

The increase in number of incoming students (international and transfers included) should be enough reason for an expanded food court. The outside dining area is an amazing complement to Saint Leo University’s campus history. It fosters a greater dining experience, along with the friendly and efficient dining staff. Nonetheless, among the many projects that are to be finished on campus, more space could possibly serve as a significantly positive improvement. Until then we’ll have to continue the never-ending race to the lunch line.

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