Ace the Interview, Every Time

Students looking for interview advice should look no further than the campus. The keys are preparation and hard work; which can be easily achieved by asking a professional for advice, or going to a presentation/workshop.

Saint Leo University offers many opportunities to receive this type of help. One such way is the annual Interview Workshop, presented by the Pacioli Accounting Club and Career Planning. The Interview Workshop occurred November 14th, however, even though the workshop has passed, there is much to take away from it.

“It is hard work to get ready, but that hark work will pay off,” expressed Doctor Passard Dean, Associate Professor of Accounting and a host of the Interview Workshop.

Here are some samples of the information SLU can offer about interviews:

First impressions are crucial in a job interview, and what is the first thing an interviewer will notice? Attire. A person’s dress attire leaves a lasting impression upon anyone. It tells a lot about a person: their attitude, hobbies and, perhaps, even a favorite football team. An interview is a chance to show off another side of someone’s personality, their professionalism. The Interview Workshop presented a creative performance to give a more engraving explanation to what professional dress attire truly is. Doctor Barbara Caldwell, Doctor Judy Holcomb, and Mr. Rob Liddell attended as judges for the series of mock interviews the workshop presented. Mock interviewees each had their own type of dress attire, preparation, and attitude for the mock interview. Each group of two interviews would commence, and the audience had a turn to point out issues and conflicts in the interview. A dress too revealing, postured too casual, forgot a resume, no prepared answers for the interview’s questions . . . Then, the aforementioned judges would add on to the audience’s comments with their own keen eyes for the small details: hair should be tie back, shoes are a little higher then appropriate, bring a better carrying case for documents . . . This interactive performance highlighted some important tips for interviewee’s and professional dress attire.

  1. Wear a professional suit. Males should wear dress pants, shined shoes, dress shirt, jacket, and a solid color tie. Females also need to follow the aforementioned attire, but can substituted dress pants for a skirt that reaches to, at least, just above the knees. If there are problems or questions about an outfit, seek help! There are stores that offer help to find an outfit that fits and looks good, or seek advice from Career Planning.
  2. Have a clean face. Not too much facial hair or too much make-up. Clean and simple is professional and looks organized.
  3. Hair should be neat and pulled back. Tie up long hair into a bun or ponytail. Do not add a lot of product that is easily distracting, and have a natural hair color.

After passing the attire test, become prepared ahead of time for an interview. Pertain focus into getting prepared for the interview.

  1. Complete research about the company ahead of time. The interviewers will be impressed when you can ask well-thought out and research questions about their company. In addition, one could incorporate the company’s values into answers during the interview.
  2. Take a practice run to the interview. Include going around the same time that would be desirable for making it to the interview ten minutes early. Walk around the building, and become familiar with the layout.
  3. Practice a mock interview. This includes answering common questions, handshakes, eye contact, and posture.
  4. Lastly, do not forget to bring extra copies of important documents. There might be multiple interviewers.

With so many little details, it is important to check and double check interview credentials. The department of Career Planning, located in Saint Edward Hall, can help with all the aforementioned preparation at their office. Mock interviews, dress attire, resumes, cover letters, internships, and more are offered. All of it is free of charge! Even though it may seem impossible, interviews can become a simple process; with practice, preparation, and hard work. Become prepared today!

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