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Drunk Punk Acoustic

Authority Zero: which is composed of Jerry Wood(Bass), Jim Wilcox(Drums), Brandon Landelius(guitar), Jason DeVore(Vox and Guitar), has released a new album entitled Less Rhythm More Booze, which is a live acoustic album. Less Rhythm More Booze is for the anarcho-punks who want a live album that is more legitimate than Against Me’s Americans Abroad , but less abrasive than Choking Victim’s Live 9/11 2005.
This album has Authority Zero performing songs from their previous two albums in front of a live audience. However, there is a catch, as the songs are re-formatted to accommodate different genres. This means that throughout the album you’ll hear a version of their repertoire that is fused with reggae, jazz and blues, among other styles.

Despite dabbling with the other genres, reggae seems to be what comes most naturally to them, as it is typically incorporated in their style through their ska roots. An example of everything that works about this album is in the song “Break the Mold”, which is a slowed down reggae version of their original tune. Like many of their songs, lyrically this song is a call to arms to move against the establishment and define yourself by your own personal truths. This idea of not defining yourself by the commonly excepted roles that society has to offer is exemplified by the lyrics which state “You are the one whose been living it/ Break the mold, no you don’t have to take it.” And while the lyrics are not Bob Dylan by any stretch of the imagination, they are given a personal truth by the impassioned performance given by the members of Authority Zero.

The song that appealed to me the most with the album is “Big Bad World” which was preformed as it normally is. However, this song, even in its original form, incorporates multiple styles with its driving bass and drums, and upstroke guitar playing. What stands out to me as well, is the fact that some of the lyrics sound like DeVore is rapping, which to me this song was a more adult attempt at trying to incorporate multiple artistries into one.

The song that directly follows “Big Bad World is called “12:34” and it is done in a lounge versions, which makes it an absolute trip. The smooth jazz feeling of this song seems natural and does not betray the punk roots of this song. DeVore’s vocals in this song are like a punk version of Frank Sinatra and come across as absurd and strangely appealing.

As far as instrumentation is concerned, this live album is flawless. You don’t ever hear fret buzzes from the guitar or bass sections and the drums are never overpowering. A lot of credit needs to be given to the mix, which with its perfectly leveled balances lends a real professional feel to the album as a whole.

You will not find more professional sounding punk musicians than Authority Zero and their passion for what they are playing is embodied in their flawless musicianship. And
while Less Rhythm More Booze is probably not for every casual rock n roll listener, it is a definite must for people who are fans of punks playing acoustic.

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