Meal Plan Options for Students

We all need to eat three square meals a day, especially if we’re away from home and our parents. That is why there is a meal plan set up for students, so they can eat three meals a day. And it all depends on where the students live.

If the students live in a freshman dorm, it is required of them to have a full meal plan. If they are off campus they have a choice of a five meal plan or a ten meal plan, where the five meal plan consists of five meals every week and ten meal plan consists of ten meals every week. There is a commuter plan as well. Sounds like a good plan, right? Not all students agree.

A lot are concerned with the variety of the food. They are tired of the same meal they eat every day. Some complain it’s not worth paying $2,200 a year. Some are concerned about the times the cafeteria serves meals, how it doesn’t fit the actual schedule. An anonymous commuter also added that if you pay ten dollars every day for the plan, it only saves a dollar, and that’s not saving students anything.

“In between times there is no food but cereal. People have classes in the mornings and it clashes with the eating schedule,” Eric Panoucheck stated. His brother Greg Palouchek added, “Well the food has gotten better, but I also agree that they need to change the hours to suit our needs.” Emanuel Diyoka Mulowayi adds, “The people are doing a good job providing the food. The only problem is the scheduling.”

Nattaly Almada, a freshman, had something to say about the plan, “The meal plan costs about the same price as community colleges. To me, it’s not worth spending on, when you could cook for yourself.” Speaking of cooking on your own she also suggested that people should get an option whether they would like to receive a meal plan or not, “I basically cook on my own and the groceries are much cheaper than when you pay for the meal plan.” She also added the fact that there should be more vegetarian foods.

While not all students may be happy with their meal plan, the cafeteria is working hard to provide the best services towards students. They hear the students’ voices and are making arrangements. Yes, there are improvements that could be made, but the improvements that students’ want won’t happen for a while.

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