Campus News

Monster Bash

The atmosphere was calm and fun as the students of the University enjoyed festivities at the Monster Bash. This event was hosted by the Dining Hall. Students and staff dressed up to celebrate Halloween. There was plenty of candy and goodies for the students to enjoy.

“The event could have been better, however I am entertained by the costumes and the spirit of the crowd,” said Senior Majalukah Berry.

There were games like bobbing for apples and candy corn bowling. There was always a winner, even if someone did not win. Every student that participated in playing the games received a prize.

“The activities were fun and I won a Frankenstein toy,” said Junior Jennie Guerrero.

Student creativity was put to the test with a jack-o’-lantern competition. Everyone that carved a pumpkin put a twist to the original jack-o’-lantern and made it their own. There were carvings of Fritz, the Batman logo, vampires and more.

The first place winner was Evan and his scary faced pumpkin. Artiqua placed second with her jack-o’-lantern that was eating a little pumpkin. Ingrid placed third with her SLU Lions pumpkin.

There were a lot of different kinds of candy at the candy bar. The lines were filled with people waiting to fill their candy bags up. The other table had candy apples, cupcakes made to look like brains and other treats to eat.

The costume contest was next. Some costumes were scary, some were cute, and some were funny. Sophomore Jodo Donnian was dressed as a pumpkin.

“My mom made this costume, and I promised I would wear it,” said Donnian.

There were two guys, Ryan and Dylan, dressed up as Dumb and Dumber. Everyone enjoyed seeing them and wanted to take pictures with them. The zombie twins, Freshman Alexis Azar and Freshman Erin Gaylord were scary looking with blood all over their faces and bodies.

“We love Halloween and wanted to be different,” said Alexis Azar.

The Zombie twins were different and original. A cute and dainty costumes was worn by Freshman Grace Quarles dressed as a blue butterfly.

There were a lot people that entered the competition, but the most original costumes won. The third place winner was Luciano who was Walker White from the show “Breaking Bad.” The second place winners were a couple, Lauren and Chris, dressed as Cosmo and Wanda from the cartoon “Fairly Odd Parents.”

“We dressed as Cosmo and Wanda because we are a couple and so are they,” Said Lauren and Chris.

The first place winner was Sophomore Dwayne Harris as Quailman.

“It’s nice to see everyone dressed up and not stressed out for a change” said Junior Brien Walker.

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