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Muahahaha Dreams and Nightmares!

Run, hide, and scream, because Halloween arrived to Saint Leo University. Halloween is the night of the year where children and adults can dress up as the cutest, sexiest, or scariest characters that anyone can think of. The University wanted to show its Halloween spirit, so this year like every year, Saint Leo University, with the help of students, decorated the dormitories of Marmion-Snyder Hall. This year the haunted house was Marmion Hall and its theme was “Dreams and Nightmares.” The Trick-or-treating location was at Snyder Hall in the first and second floors. This event was hosted by the Saint Leo University Office of Residence Life on Wednesday, October 30.

In addition, Haunted Marmion had games and other activities in the Lion’s Den for the students not participating or participating in the haunted house. It was a free and open event to the local community of Saint Leo.   At the Lion’s Den, faculty staff, families, and students could enjoy the variety of candy that the University provided. There were also chips and drinks for everyone, and tables where activities were available to entertain the children.

However, most students wanted to see what the volunteers had prepared for them at Haunted Marmion. Indeed, the volunteers’ hard work and dedication to make Haunted Marmion a scary place worked! Students believed that this year’s haunted house was better than the previous one. The volunteers at Haunted Marmion were dressed up in costumes (most of them bloody,) that made students scream.  Once the trip to Haunted Marmion was over, the students and families were welcomed to go trick-or-treat on the first and second floors from Snyder Hall.

The students, faculty staff, and families were pleased by all the candy they got from trick-or-treating! The decoration of the floors was impressive. It was not scary, rather, it was pleasant to see the effort put into the decorations.  Back at the Lion’s Den, it was all fun and laughs from all the children running around and the parents and students having a great time. The University made an extraordinary night by organizing this event for the families and students. It was a great way to begin Halloween, which is of the most enjoyable events for everyone.

At the end of the night, First Year Experience (FYE) was setting up the ingredients and fire to make s’mores. The s’mores event was located outside Marmion and Snyder Hall. Most of the students and families (especially the children,) couldn’t wait to make their own s’mores.  The night had a great beginning and end—people were getting together to make s’mores or collect candies. People will have to wait until next year to enjoy this event again.

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